Black Clyde and the Tube Disasters, The Riot Vans @bloc+

Something about their lax demeanour suggested casual drug use from the moment they walked on stage

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Kerry joked that people clapped  for the brief moments of silence between songs while I worried if I would ever hear bird song again.

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Animal Mothers Bloody Show

The Animal Mothers opened their set with a full on feedback assault which made me regret my lack of earplugs. This was the first time I had seen them play as a full band and it felt like they had ‘grown-up’ from their cutesy-duo days, swapping novelty for authority.

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The Wrong Gig

After an afternoon of drinking and a long bus journey we touched down in the west end. Our swollen bladders clouding our judgement we headed to the first ATM and pub combo we could find, at the Hug and Pint.

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Four Tet goes 3D

The surround sound of the PA allowed elements of sound to take on their own physical space as well as distinct characteristics. Synth stabs seemed to jutter from corner to corner, plucked melodies danced overhead. High hats seemed to sheepishly occupy the corner closest to the first aid area like so many gurning faces.

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Dolphinboy to undergo Radical Reconstructive Surgery

They played to a room half full of friends, family and hairy metal-heads that have become their following. Opening their set with kraut-banger ‘Tinker, Tailor, Vlad the Impailer’, the song titles providing fleeting moments of comic relief between songs but also signposting their varying musical influences with songs like ‘Barry White’s Tropical Island Adventure’ and ‘The Steven Malkmus Treadmill Experience’. 

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